Privacy Notice

The privacy of your data is important to me. I take care to ensure that I maintain your confidentiality. These are the measures I take to achieve that security.

I collect and store your contact details so I can contact you if I need to, and as full identification in case of duplicate names.

I collect and store your treatment notes which are a hand-written account of the consultation and all treatment sessions, in enough detail to facilitate treatment but no more information than the minimum needed for that purpose.

No identifiable sensitive information is held by me about you on any computer or device other than any emails or texts you send to me and my replies to you. I delete these messages as soon as they are no longer current. All relevant devices and accounts are password protected.

I hold your name and mobile phone number (but no other information) on my two mobile phones, one so that I can contact you and the other as a backup. Both phones are password protected.

Your contact information and treatment notes are stored in separate locations, in locked filing cabinets for which only I have the keys. Your treatment notes are also partially anonymised for added security.

I comply with my Professional Indemnity Insurers’ requirement that I retain data I hold about you and your treatment for at least 7 years. In the case of younger clients, an additional requirement is to keep the data until the client is at least 25 years old. On a yearly basis, as soon as those requirements are met, the data is securely disposed of.

Except in circumstances where I am required by law to disclose information about you, any other disclosure of any of your personal information will only be made in line with specific written permission given to me by you.