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The theory that curative hypnotherapy works on is that we learn things that are incorrect.  For example many of us believed in Father Christmas when we were younger but then learnt that he was not real. However, there are some situations that we experience that make us believe something about ourselves or the world that we do not discover to be incorrect. They usually occur from a small, seemingly insignificant, event that we forget about (otherwise we would have corrected it already). If we do not discover that this information is wrong then all that we learn from then onwards will be distorted by it and can lead us to developing unpleasant symptoms which vary between patients.

Our body believes that it is working in our best interests by developing these symptoms.  Any form of therapy that tries to suppress these symptoms will end up working against our bodies. However, curative hypnotherapy aims to discover the cause of the symptoms and help to remove it.

For example if you had a piece of grit in the shoe and you did not remove it, it would cause you to change the way you walk, this would change the movement and position of your knee and hip. To compensate for this your back adjusts and your shoulder twists. Your shoulder begins to hurt. It would be silly to try and treat the painful shoulder when all that needs to happen is for the grit to be removed.

This is the approach taken by curative hypnotherapy. The aim is to remove the root cause of the problem and allow the body to make the corrections itself. Your subconscious is aiming to protect and look after you by creating these symptoms and simply suppressing the symptom may allow your body to be damaged.

The process relies on creating a relaxed state where the hypnotherapist can communicate directly with your subconscious to find out why the symptoms are present. It is like a guided self-hypnosis which is under your own control. You relax yourself and can choose yourself whether to participate or not. However, the process only works if you allow yourself to fully participate and give it a try. The process only highlights to the subconscious mind the event and allows the mind to rework its concept of that event by looking at it from a more experienced viewpoint. It does not artificially change it.

For example, a child is sick in bed and their friend comes round to play. The Mother says to their friend that the child is "not too bright" today and cannot come put to play. The child does not know this phrase and thinks that their mother thinks that they are not very clever. The event is forgotten about but the child goes on thinking that they are not very clever. However, if they remember the event after they have learnt the meaning of the phrase then they can correct the meaning of what their mother was saying.

The process can be as quick as 6 sessions but can take longer, depending on how well a patient responds to the process and whether there was just one root cause or more than one. 

Also, the time it takes for improvement to be experienced can vary. For example a 70 year old who learnt something wrong aged 5 has a lot of additional information to correct between 5 and 70 which was based on the original incorrect information. But usually, some improvement is experienced while the additional information is being corrected.

The process cannot guarantee complete relief of the symptoms for everybody although there is a very good chance that if a patient is willing then some form of relief will be achieved for most people.

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